Do Good Link Building

Not everyone could do with a good link building. Moreover, Google’s seen so tight regulations for bloggers and webmasters when doing SEO optimization efforts. Google also mentioned the existence of black hat SEO and white hat SEO. The black color is intended for those who use illegal means and tend to be favored Google, even any search engine. For that, you should use political connection and ethical link building. Here are some steps you can take to avoid the Google petition due spam activity you are doing.

Build a link in your own sites

Maybe this time you think to build widespread link on another blog. Thus you have forgotten caring for your own blog. This is called the internal links. You need to know, there are two kinds of link building in which they are equally important. The first is an internal link. In every article you post, put the keywords that are likely entice the reader to click the link. The link you point to another article which is still a theme with your post. Try to make a good keyword. If the reader is led to other pages on your site, then you have successfully build links

Build links in others blogs

After you successfully build your own website link, start to build it on the web or other people’s blogs. There are a variety of ways that can be used. For example, you give commenting on dofollow blog. Note ethics commenting on other people’s blogs. Write down the positive things that you can also get quality backlinks from there. Should find a blog that is specifically used those in finding backlinks, because not all bloggers allow everyone to plant the site link there. Link building also needs to be done carefully.

Share in social media

Social media can be a most effective way of doing business link building. How, share your article on social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. The main purpose of distributing the article there is got a new network of people who are not from your community. If they are interested in the title of your article, then it implies that they will click and go to the site you have. Many friends in social media is better way.

Get .gov or .edu extension

In link building, you are not expected to receive a link origin. Every backlink that you get should come from quality sites. One site that can provide very high quality links are those with a .gov or .edu extension. Though actually to get a link like this takes hard work and even political connections, it is not likely you fail to have it. Extend your website with people from different professions and countries.

Exchanging links

Among bloggers, link exchange is a common practice. There is nothing wrong with this way. It’s just that you need to selectively choose links are interchangeable. Choose quality links and have the same content to your site. Thus, you have done a successful link building. Again, broaden your network with fellow bloggers and people outside your community.


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